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Flexiness® SensiMat

Flexiness® SensiMat

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  • Now in blue


    3 patterns (straight V1 , wavy V2 or diamond V3) – We now carry only Blue

    Specially designed for dog paws – Especially designed for your dogs paws. Helps with paw grip, stimulation, posture and makes a great training tool.

    Flexiness® SensiMats -30cm x 60cm (*11.8" x 23.6") are suitable for use on other devices or on the floor. The tactile stimulation is activated, the perception is amplified.

    The Flexiness® SensiMats are available with 3 different patterns, both of which are well received by dogs. The nubs are rounded at the top.

    Straight, Wavy or Diamond

    • Non slip surface
    • Improves foot awareness on a flat surfaces that does not require balance
    • Gives the dog a surface to improve a square sit position
    • Can be used to improve heel position
    • Used as a foot target
    • Can be put on the rocker board and giant wobble board to improve the dogs position and ability to shift weight
    • Can be used to define space for a dog when needed
    • Can be put on other surfaces like the aerobic bench, platforms, Klimb, Inflatables etc.
    • Can be paired with all other FitPAWS balance products
    • Can be put under cavaletti poles
  • Straight

  • Wavy

  • Diamond



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